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Ground Cover

Groundcovers are normally used for controlling weeds and are sometimes referred to as a mulch or a floating mulch.


This is also a strong durable groundcover but not as suitable for pedestrian traffic. It is mainly used as a membrane to cover beds to plant fruit or vegetables through. It is easy to cut and does not fray like woven ground cover. It has better permeability for air and water preventing the soil below it from becoming stagnant.

This makes it ideal for strawberry beds in outdoor production as it will let rain water pass through. It can also be used below patios and pathways. When exposed to sunlight it will last 5 years and when put below a patio it should last 10 – 12 years.

Agryl 50B Groundcover can be made in a range of widths up to 12.5m wide
Standard widths are 1.6m and 3.2m

Lengths available from 100m to 1500m
Standard rolls are 250m long

Grams per m2
Air Permeability l/m2/sec
Shade Value
Agryl 50B
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