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Bird & Hail Net

Crop Solutions Ltd developed this new Bird & Hail Net in July 2009 following feedback from customers. Originally we sold a traditional bird net which had a 30mm diamond mesh. However the issue was, many crops were able to grow through the mesh causing damage to the leaves and the only way to prevent this was to support the net on canes. This was expensive and labour intensive. Other growers complained that birds could become entangled in the larger mesh so we had to come up with a better solution.

After a lot of trials we developed a new light weight Bird & Hail net which has a mesh size 2 x 8mm. It can be laid directly on to delicate crops including Baby Gem and Romaine without causing any damage or abrasion to the leaves.

It is possible to apply certain fertilisers, pesticides and slug pellets through the net.

Our Bird & Hail Net has become popular on many crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, spring greens, cabbage, Iceberg, Baby Gem, Romanine, Lollo Rosso and Baby Leaf.

This net does not alter the growing climate but it gives a large degree of shelter to the crop which has proven to reduce stress and significantly improve plant health resulting in increased pack outs. On white cabbage one grower reported that our Bird & Hail Net increased his tonnes sold by over 20%.

This Bird & Hail Net will last 10 to 12 years and protects crops form birds, hail, wind, rain and will deter rabbits.

Our Bird & Hail net is made using the same mono filament as our 1.3mm Insect Net and it has the same reinforced edges with our unique 4 layer double stitched joins. This makes it a very strong light weight net that should last 10 to 12 years.

Mesh Sizes

Net Mesh Size Grams per M2 Shade Value
Bird & Hail Net 2mm x 8mm 40g 4%

Standard widths are 3.65m, 13m and 25m

Other widths available to order depending on quantity include:
7.2m, 13.6m, 14m, 15m, 16.5m, 17.75m, 18m, 20.5m, 21.25,m, 26m, 27m, 28m and 37m

Standard lengths are 50m, 100m and 200m

We carry a large range of stock but most of our nets are made to order.

Lead times vary from 10 to 25 weeks depending on mesh size and time of year.

It is vital to plan ahead and order your nets at least 4 months before you need them on farm.

As the net does not stretch it needs to be laid loose over the crop leaving enough room for plant growth and securing the net at the edges. The wind can pass through freely through this net so it is very easy to lay and secure.

The best method of securing our Bird & Hail Nets is to use our blue Crop Cover Pegs one every 4 – 5m or our Heavy Duty sandbags. It is also possible to simply put a shovelful of soil on the edge of the net every 4 – 5m to secure it.

If the nets need to be removed regularly for weeding or hand harvesting then sandbags are the best option to secure them.

The nets can be rolled up quickly and easily with our Crop Cover Rolling Machines and unrolled onto the next crop for re-use. Most customers use these nets on several crops during the year as they can be used all year round significantly improving growth, yield and quality.

These nets act as an insurance policy giving protection from birds, hail, wind, rain and rabbits, allowing you to harvest more of what you plant.

Improved plant growth and increased uniformity of the finished product.

Can be re-used on other crops during the growing season allowing you to quickly recoup the cost of investment through improved quality and higher yields.

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