Agricultural Fleece was first developed in the early eighties by Fiberweb France to allow growers to harvest their crops earlier and extend their growing seasons.

For the past 30 years Fiberweb have remained the worldwide market leaders in agricultural fleece. Today their world famous brands Covertan® and Novagryl® are still manufactured at the original site in Biesheim, France next to the Rhine.

Fiberweb have a dedicated and highly experienced agricultural division who look after all their agricultural production, supplying over 58 countries worldwide.

Unlike many other nonwoven producers Fiberweb extrude, convert, and join their fleece on the same site using the latest technology including high speed camera detection to ensure that their fleece remains the no. 1 brand for quality, strength and reliability.

Covertan is the original brand that Fiberweb first made nearly 30 years ago. It has the thickest fibres of any fleece made in the world which gives it its unique strength and reliability year on year.

Fleece Grams per M2 Air Permeability  l/m2/sec Shade Value
Covertan 17 17g 8,200 18%
Covertan 19 19g 7,500 19%
Covertan 22 22g 6,000 21%
Covertan 30 30g 4,700 25%
Covertan 40 40g 3,800 30%
Covertan 50 50g 3,200 95%
Covertan 60 60g 2,700 35%

Novagryl is a unique 3 layer fleece which is made using very fine fibre. This gives it a much softer feel, improved thermal properties and market leading elongation which allows this fleece to stretch to over 60% of its original width making it ideal for tall crops such as sweetcorn.

Fleece Grams per M2 Air Permeability  l/m2/sec Shade Value
Novagryl 17 17g 5,800 18%
Novagryl 19 19g 5,700 18%
Novagryl 22 22g 5,600 22%

Fleece is a light weight crop cover made from spun bonded nonwoven Polypropylene PP. Its unique characteristics allow air, light and rain to pass through and it is designed to stretch as the crop grows.

Fiberweb fleece will normally last 1 to 2 seasons depending on use and weather conditions.

All fleece over 10.5m wide has 300mm reinforced outside edges as standard.

Agryl can be made in a range of sizes from 2m to 28m wide but standard sizes include
2.2, 4.5, 6.5, 8.5, 10.5, 12.25, 12.75, 13.6, 16, 17.4, 23.25m

Lengths available from 100m to 1500m
Standard rolls are 250m and 500m long

Novagryl can be made in a range of sizes from 2m to 28m wide but standard sizes include
3.2, 4, 6.6, 8.5, 10.5, 11.3, 12.1, 12.8, 13.6, 15.2, 16, 20.4m

Lengths available from 100m to 1500m
Standard rolls are 250m, 500m and 1,000m long

We carry a large range of fleece in stock but most of our fleece is made to order for each customer.

Lead times vary from 2 to 6 weeks depending on time of year.

For spring deliveries it is best to place any orders before Christmas to ensure delivery is made on time.

Fleece should be laid directly on top of the crop and secured with soil or sandbags. It must be laid as tight as a bed sheet otherwise it will catch the wind and flap damaging the emerging crop. A good quality fleece has 20 – 30% stretch so it can expand as the crop grows.

If securing with soil it is important not to use too much soil otherwise the fleece will be very hard to remove.

Fleece can be left on the crop as long as required but it is normally advisable to take it off in June otherwise the crop below will start to suffer from heat stress.

To remove the fleece simply pull out the edges and it can then be rolled up with a crop cover rolling machine and reused the following season if it is still in good condition.

Fleece is a relatively low cost crop cover which can be re-used for a second season if carefully handled.

It will advance certain crops by up to 4 weeks.

It will help protect early crops from frost.

It is possible to spray and irrigate the crop without having to remove the fleece. However, if spraying with sulphur or chlorine based products, this can damage the UV resistance and significantly reduce the lifetime of the fleece. Following such treatments, no claims can be accepted.

It will offer protection from wind, rain, frost, birds and insects. Because it is a light weight cover and the fact that it has to be removed during the summer it is not ideal for insect protection. It has been designed as a thermal crop cover to advance harvest dates and protect crops from frost.

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