We designed these pegs as a cheap and easy method to secure Insect Nets and Bird & Hail Nets.

The pegs are pushed through the edge of the net and hammered in to the ground.

To secure Insect Nets it requires a peg every 1.5 to 2m.

To secure Bird & Hail Nets it requires a peg every 4 to 5m.

They are made out of a bright blue polymer to make them easy to find in the field.

They have a flat top to make them easy to hammer into hard ground.

They have a reinforced gusset below the handle making them the strongest crop cover pegs on the market.

They should last 10 to 15 years.

They are 140mm x 230mm and are supplied in boxes of 200.


This is a very heavy duty and competitively priced groundcover peg which has been specifically designed to be hammered into very tough ground conditions.

They are 6 times the weight of standard groundcover pegs and are the strongest groundcover pegs available on the market.

They are even stronger than some other brands of metal pegs.

They are very popular with customers who have nurseries and permanent poly tunnels where ground conditions tend to be extremely hard.

Due to their exceptional strength they can be pulled out and re-used and should last 10 – 15 years.

They are 215mm long and supplied in boxes of 200.


Unlike normal woven plastic sandbags that are made out of polypropylene PP and last 2 to 24 months, these new bags are made out of UVI stabilised high grade High Density Polyethylene HDPE which will last 10 to 12 years.

They hold 6 – 8 kgs.

When filled simply tie a knot in the neck of the bag which then acts as a handle. We recommend that they are filled with clean gravel as it makes them much easier to handle especially in wet conditions.

They are ideal for securing Insect Nets, Bird & Hail Nets and Fleece.

Some customers who plough in the edges on their insect nets now use our sandbags to secure the ends on the headlands as it saves digging them in by hand. This saves having to pull the ends out before rolling them up which saves a lot of time and labour and it keeps the nets much cleaner for re-use.

They are 270mm x 1,000mm and supplied in boxes of 200.


These small light weight galvanised hoops are a relatively cheap method to keep Insect Nets suspended above delicate crops such as baby leaf salads to prevent any possible damage to the leaves and they improve airflow.

We normally recommend placing a hoop in the middle of each bed about 3m apart.

They are 160mm wide x 500mm high and supplied in packs of 20.


This is an extremely strong industrial thread with UVI which is ideal for repairing damaged nets.

It has been designed to last 15 to 20 years.

They are sold as single spools and each spool contains 3,000m.

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