How to use

  • For best results the insect netting should be placed directly over the crop as soon as possible after sowing
  • Unlike fleece, net does not stretch, so sufficient slack needs to be left to allow for crop growth
  • The insect net can be secured using plastic pegs or sand bags but we recommend ploughing in the edges to create a better seal to prevent insect penetration
  • Once the net is in place it can be left on for the entire growing period of the crop or until there is no longer any threat from insect attack.
  • In the case of CRF in the UK this tends to be September or October depending on season and location

      Organic swede 1.3mm netOrganic swede 1.3mm net1.3mm net on swede

  • It is possible to spray certain trace elements and fungicides through the net providing tramlines have been left at sowing
  • To remove the netting simply pull out the edges or remove the pegs and then roll it up for use again the following year
  • For larger growers we have developed a brand new machine and system for rolling up and unrolling crop covers 
  • For smaller growers a simple solution is to drive down the beds and fold the net into a one tonne potato box which will also act as convenient storage during the winter.  The following year drive down the beds and the net will unfold out, allowing it to be spread and secured